Fighting game resource hub with resources submitted by the community.

Project Inspiration

Fighting games are hard. Tutorials in game kinda suck and a lot of teaching is left to the community. The community has plenty of good resources for many different games but some are hard to find. After looking for awhile on a r/streetfighter I realized, maybe other people are looking for this. It would be cool if there was a single site for some cool stuff to check out.{" "}

Tech stack


This is one of my first projects with NextJS. It comes with a lot of cool things that regular Create React App doesn't have. Routing and SSR are already in Next. Though with how basic CRA is you can npm install your own package to solve the problems you have. It gave the dev freedom of choice which after watching Honeypot's React documentary, was the main goal. Next however just gave you everything, which for me is extremely helpful.


Tailwind seems to cause a lot of arguments on tech Twitter for one reason or another. I messed around with other frameworks in the past like Bootstrap, Material and even Chakra UI. What I found interesting is that Tailwind actually doesn't have a design system. You can write your own styles and make things really look how you want things to look. There is this video by Theo and which goes over this. At the end of it all it feels a lot closer to writing CSS compared to frameworks with a heavy design system.