Hi I'm Donovan!

I have extensive background in customer service with over 10 years across different industries. My real passion that took awhile to find was building small web apps that people could use. I was inspired by the old Halo 3 companion by Bungie back in 2007. Learning by building is how I work best which is why I have spent a lot of time learning the fundamentals of the web and the React ecosystem.


While I'm still looking for a full time role I've done my best to get some experience (and money) for some of the code I write. I had a worked on a contract basis with the owner of Simplish, who I met while teaching kids how to code at theCoderSchool. While prototyping a web app for Simplish I got to work with React, Tailwind and the Twilio API. At theCoderSchool I do my best a teach programming basics in a fun way using Scratch, JavaScript or game engines like Unity.